He has stocked his administration with anti-American Marxists and also many from the Muslim Brotherhood whom are Sharia Law loving Muslims seeking to overthrow any Constitutional US Government that may arise. There are many non-Muslim traiters such as Gov Cris Christie of New Jersey that aid the Muslims.

Obama left the poverty table's breadcrumbs for you, Mr & Mrs USA, but you refused to open our eyes and take notice. Those Americans who did were labeled as Ďracistsí and ĎTea Party balanced budgetersí. However, we were right. There was Obama, or whatever his real name is, refusing to wear an American flag pin. Obummer, refusing to put his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. The parallels are obvious, with Adolph Hitler's power grab. But this power grab is for Papa Bush's CIA. When Civil War II is over, after 2022, we must bring the kind of justice to CIA folks that JFK mentioned and that was to "shatter it into a thousand pieces." Let CIA swing on the spot in Dixieland's future capitol of Dallas where CIA hired killers finished President Kennedy's life.


controversy, strife and division followed his every path. Obummer sat for 20 years listening to a black supremacist preacher, and claimed to know nothing of the manís politics or hate against the white race.

He was unable to produce a simple birth certificate. For several years. He paid over one million bucks to seal his college records so no one can see who paid for his elite-class education. His college yearbook clearly shows him being from Indonesia.

He has a Social Security number issued from the state of Connecticut, where he never been a resident. He is the only sitting American president to ever bow to a foreign Islamic leader. America, why wonít you listen when he tells you every step of the way where he stands?

He has forced dozens of high-ranking officers out of the military, against coded military law. He allowed American citizens to be slaughtered on 9/11/2012, and has never sought to avenge theirs deaths or seek the arrest of the very well-known assailants.

This brings us to Obamacare.

Obama and his brownshirts, in 2010, unleashed a campaign of lies and trickery the likes of which have never been seen in this nation. He got a bill passed into law that does as much to undo our Constitution as could possibly be done short of setting it ablaze. And to sell the package to America he committed purjury of the highest order by lying about what the bill would ultimately do to us.

He is the original Manchurian Candidate and he made it to the White House.

That Barry Obama is an enemy of the state, for all the reasons we have mentioned here (with many more that could be listed), there is no doubt. But he is only a puppet for use by Poppy Bush and the CIA coup makers after the sucessful False Flag Op on 9/11/2001. But their yoke must be broken and their reign thrown off immediately. We can be sure that all the politicians in the congress know of the coup. It was only Ron Paul that had the courage to reveal the CIA coup to the public.

The remedy is a not so simple as impeachment or just "voting the bums out." He has the weapons called national health insurance+the NSA.

Obamacare has been his most vicious attack. It is his big gun against the people. It is with this health plan that we need to concentrate our counter-attack. If the American people refuse to sign up for it or support it - even at the risk of fines and jail - Obamacare will fail. Then falls the King. He has put all his money betting on a single horse. Cripple the horse and the race is over.

Voting the bums out: Remember the 2004 national elections which was stolen using electronic voting machines. And now votes are counted by overseas companies owned by George Soros a handler of Obama.

Impeachment: Why Obama cannot be impeached

Thomas Jefferson: advised in 1776 that when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce the people to policy of absolute despotism then it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future safety. Following the advice of Jefferson the people in the following southern states (Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisania, Missouri, Tennessee & Texas) do seek secession from the union.--November 12, 2013.

Obama Embraces Islams Sharia Law More


that we take the rights of a citizen away from the corporations as well and that is a another fight as they will not want to give that up either (this should never have been given to corps to start with).With all this said, My family and I will not take part in OíCommie-care in any way what so ever and I will do everything in my power to insure that I do not pay the fines. I will not be part of anything that strips the rights away from my fellow Americans and flies in the face of our constitution. Iím only one man and I may lose but I will go down fighting for my family and yours. I will not sell you out for a hand full of beads, my American brothers and sisters. To those of you that would say that Iím not doing this for you, I say yes I am and Iím sorry you do not see it that way but I hope that one day you and your children will. To those that understand what Iíve just said and agree with me, please help me in my fight by not ever giving up and fighting back at every turn. Know that we may lose but it is a far better life to go down fighting than to live a life as a slave to this or any other government. I had rather die than sell out my countrymen and our constitution. O and the day this is no longer a law I will go on line and check it out to see how much it will cost my family as we would love to get some insurance but as long as they are going to ram this unconstitutional law down our necks, I will have no part in it (even if it cost $1 a month as that is NOT THE POINT). Please remember that itís not about right or left, itís about right and wrong (live free or die a slave). May God bless you all and I thank you for taking the time to hear me out.