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Texas may be first to leave the Union & Then 12 more southern states leave to form the segregated
A Prophecy Revealed in Pictures

YES To This Picture (below) about prized Southern kitty

NO To Pictures below (My wife on left & "Tolerance" on right) More
"Segregation Today, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation forever"-Gov Wallace. Video Clip of B&W sex showing my wife

Yes To This Picture at RightA loud rebel yell of NO
To This Picture below & of the CIA-Zionist-NSA plan to use the Muslim Brotherhood & Obama's Islam to, end liberty, imprison our
Southern girls via burqas, & to destroy Christianity in the USA

South Gonna Rise Again & by the end of Civil War II, There Will Be a, 13 State, Nation of Dixieland in 2022 With Freedom

Bible prophecy reveals descendants from Manasseh (the 13th Israelite tribe) via Cherokees to create a "Great nation"(i.e. Dixieland)
Those that control the US Govt & occupy the land of Palestine are not the seed of Abraham but Israelite imposters of Khazar ancestry More


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Ex CIA Officer Explains How To Delete The Elite:More

88 year old white WWII Vet beaten to death by two blacks but newspapers omit the word "blacks" More


Abraham Lincoln's Plan for Black Resettlement was similar to a modern Dixieland's plan on Black Resettlement More

Number of illegals in USA may number 35 million not the 11 million reported. They want all states that border Mexico for a new nation More

Its Not the Law More

Video shows Thousands of blacks in a rioting mob but in a Dixieland resettlement plan will solve their primitive animal behaviorVideo

font size="2">New leak: Obama administration provides the enemy nation of Israeli with NSA data More

Zion's plan is to to create a worldwide mixed race with weak intelligence so to be an easy rule for UN style global Govt More

6 nukes were exploded off coast of Japan because USA about to lose military bases after Negroes in US military raped Japanese women More


Institute for Historical Review



Website by former AFP journalist in self exile because of his 9/11 investigation. bollyn (may now be blocked by US Govt)

US Civil War II coming More

Old timer Col. Reb here... recalls that excessive taxes on the South & not slavery caused Civil War I More

South Gonna Rise Again

15 year old blonde beauty girl blinded & face slashed by Muslim Negro savages in racist hate crime More

A Dixieland with a resettlement plan for blacks would solve the problem of black mob violence More

Child is gang raped in Texas by more than 12 illegals from Mexico: A Dixieland could stop this More

20 yr old black charged with killing 99-yr-old woman in her upstate NY home More

Precious little Christian girl dismembered while she is still alive by Muslim Obama's psychotic Syrian rebels More

Build your own aquaponic system in 2 hrs for less than $199 & have food during coming collapse More

The Iron Mountain Report is the Blueprint for destruction of USA More

UN Document - Demands TOTAL DISARMAMENT OF US POPULATION: Help us set up Dixieland & stop UN More

State (of Texas) Actively Preparing to Become Independent nation before the creation of a 13 state Nation of Dixieland More

Obama’s Martial Law EO: Action Alert! This is it folks because it's gonna be FEMA death camps if the Feds can get our guns More

Dixie separatists To Be Armed By President Putin & Russian Special Forces to Train Texians To Fight to create Nation of Dixieland More

Why do people still fly the Confederate flag? Maybe it is because they support the creation of a Dixieland More

A plea for help to President Putin in estabilishing a nation of DixielandMore

We need to establish rally points. Taken from comments on page More

Texas city law say those critical of homosexuality will be banned from holding office. This not happen in Dixieland. More

Info on the 1913 budgeoning, rape, strangulation and mutilation of Mary Phagan & mob lynching of Leo Frank, a Jew, More

Police Are More Dangerous To The Public Than Are Criminals (i.e.Lawyer Bill murdered by Policeman Shawn Wilson has not yet been avenged) More

Zionist controlled US media like CNN usually black out 'Beat Whitey Nights' going on across the USA More

Devvy Kidd says the 16th & 17th Amendments were never ratified & Barefoot said the origional 13th is missing

FREE the real Republic of usa President Tim Turner...Pardon this political prisoner NOW!!! More

Zionists Use interracial Sex porn to not only humiliate & Degrade white males but white females too More